Revamping the account’s strategy

"Increase our sales but at the same time lower our CPO"

That’s what the owners of Bangerhead told me, to increase the number of orders from Google Ads and at the same time lower the cost per order (CPO) to a predetermined target.

I began with market research by increasing all the bids, all the ads needed to be tested. When high CTR was achieved the bids were lowered but I managed to keep the positions. At the same time, all the ads that were never converted were changed and improved. Better ads lead to higher CTR and lower CPC for the same position.

The number of acquisitions from Google Adwords was 8x higher compared to the year prior, with a lower cost per order.

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Revamping Strategy for Increased Sales

When I first took on this account, the challenge was clear: the client, up and coming busines competing against larger more established companies, wanted to improve their sales while lowering their Cost per Order (CPO). To achieve this, I began by revamping the account’s strategy. My approach included:

  • Increasing the number of sales from product-specific searches (long-tail)
  • Improving the ad texts
  • Making more frequent bid adjustments

I started by increasing all bids, allowing the platform’s algorithms to test all keywords and speed up the learning period. Once Click-Through Rates were high, I adjusted spending to maintain positions. In addition, I removed ads that were not performing well, which improved the overall account performance as the more relevant ads you have, the better Google algorithm favors performance. Additionally, I increased the frequency of keyword bid adjustments to a weekly schedule.

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Demonstrated Impact:

  • 86% Reduction in Cost Per Order.
  • 75% Increase in the number of purchases
Andreas was in charge of our Google Ads account and he used his full digital knowledge and skillset in driving the best performance as possible while using advanced marketing strategies and tools.
Tomas Grabe
Co-Founder of Bangerhead

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