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Expert Consulting for High-Growth Ventures

Since 2011

Hi! I'm here to help your business grow.

…and no, I’m not just saying that to make it sound good. I have a proven track record of helping ambitious companies achieve their business goals 😀


In today's startup landscape growth is getting harder

Companies need to get the best expertise to win the competition.

Investors expect both growth and profitability

Why work with an individual consultant?

How agencies work:

💀 Siloed growth channel expertise

💀 Junior marketers working on your account

💀 Not enough time spent on your account

💀 Massive agency retainers constantly looking to up-sell 

💀 Historical successes from past employees

How I work:

💥 Full omnichannel expertise.

💥 Very experienced talent.

💥 Working with limited accounts for optimal results.

💥 Only charging for the amount of time spent.

💥 The origin of historically successful work.

Some of my previous work

I've helped grow the following ventures.

Don't just take my word for it...

Mark Esterhuizen
Mark EsterhuizenCOO at ShoreTrade & Manettas Seafood
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I have a diverse background in strategy, venture capital, private equity, building, scaling and exiting businesses. Extensive experience in advising and consulting to HNWI, Founders, High Growth and Scaling Businesses, Business Owners and Private Businesses.

I have been working with Andreas for the last 2+ years and we have seen a rapid growth trajectory across our brands as a result of advanced digital marketing strategies and implementations.
Marcia Allan
Marcia AllanGeneral Manager Marketing at Racing Victoria
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Andreas was appointed to design the digital acquisition strategy for the inaugural All - Star Mile campaign. Andreas strategy, delivery and optimisation of the campaign was flawless and resulted in outstanding results. In fact, the 2019 digital campaign was the most successful campaign we have run, in terms of the number of votes we received from the public. I believe that the sole credit for the campaign’s success was Andreas and his digital capability.
Tom Baker
Tom BakerFounder of Mr Black Roasters and Distillers
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Andreas gets it. Lots say they do, but he does. Lots of people "in the room" when digital is being done, but few people in the room are actually doing the work. Andreas is one of those people.
Dom O'Brien
Dom O'BrienCMO at Mate Communication
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Andreas has been an integral part of our collaboration for the last 1.5 years. He was highly involved in the initial strategy proposed to MATE and he was tasked to fulfill the ambitious targets from our end. Andreas has been providing hands-on management, strategic thinking, great expertise and had a passionate drive to constantly improve the results. I feel confident that the digital team and processes Andreas has set up will continue to drive good results for MATE.
Simon Burrett
Simon BurrettGeneral Manager Marketing at Harris Scarfe
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Andreas played an important role in managing the digital and performance marketing for Harris Scarfe, at a time when the business was taking great strides on its ecommerce journey. Andreas partnered with our own team to deliver specialist knowledge and advice which allowed us to rapidly develop, trial and modify a large number of initiatives.
Arne Thate
Arne ThateCo-Founder of Ridly
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Andreas has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the development and management of our Google & Facebook ads account. He conducted a comprehensive analysis of our industry, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of the market and thereby enabling him to create an advertising strategy that was tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our business. As a result of his expertise, our account has seen significant improvement, positioning it among the best in the market.
Adam McKnight
Adam McKnightDigital Marketing Specialist
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I worked with Andreas and he was managing our social advertising strategy to drive as high ROAS as possible for Identity Direct with a budget of AUD$120k+ throughout our busiest period of the year (Christmas). Andreas created an advanced setup across 5 English-speaking markets (AU, UK, US, CA & NZ) and the results generated were on par with the targets set from our business.
Fion San
Fion SanCEO of Australian Fashion Collective
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Andreas has been great to work with. Super diligent and performed well. Keeping accountable to his tasks and a great manager. No doubt he will succeed in all areas he decides to pursue.
Ash Mehta
Ash MehtaHead of Digital at Plush Sofas
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Plush is part of Greenlight Brands retail group and Andreas was working on our online acquisition accounts in 2018 and I can attest to his expertise in the digital landscape and his understanding of advanced digital strategies. While working with Andreas I noticed that he is willing to go extra lengths to ensure the best results and I would recommend other people & brands in similar positions to work with him.
Tomas Grabe
Tomas GrabeCo-Founder of Bangerhead
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Andreas was in charge of our Google Ads account and he used his full digital knowledge and skillset in driving the best performance as possible while using advanced marketing strategies and tools.
Mats Johnson
Mats JohnsonDirector & Chief Marketing Officer at VGW
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Andreas was part of the marketing team at VGW working for our two main brands Chumba Casino and Global Poker where he was responsible for driving lower CPA (Cost of Acquiring a new Customer) using his in-depth knowledge in Facebook Advertising. The campaigns were successfully run across the North American market with significant budgets and generated better than expected results.
Carl McCarthy
Carl McCarthyHead of Gaming at Meta
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I can verify Andreas involvement with the VGW (Virtual Gaming World) account. VGW was one of the biggest accounts we worked within the digital gaming sector and Andreas was part of the team at VGW which utilised advanced tools, features and services within Facebook’s own propriety tech suite.
Emma Shipley
Emma ShipleyPartner Manager at Meta
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I have worked together with Andreas on multiple clients across the APAC markets for 2+ years. While working with Andreas It’s evident that he has great experience in advanced digital marketing strategy and tech platforms such as Meta.
Mark Hiscock
Mark HiscockSenior Agency Sales Manager at Quantcast
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I have worked with Andreas for 3 years+ across multiple projects and I can attest to Andreas Karlsson’s knowledge in our advanced digital tools and I can confirm Andreas Karlsson’s involvement when it came to the ARB campaign which ended up being featured along side other global brands on our case study page.
David Stjernholm
David StjernholmDigital Specialist
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I worked with Andreas in 2014 when he was working for Ingager to provide advanced digital marketing strategies and acquiring new customers for Canal Digital. He is professional, helpful, and most importantly he enabled Canal Digital to achieve great results for the campaigns that we were running across Facebook, Google & Bing.
Simon Lewis
Simon LewisGeneral Manager at Eyecare Plus
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Andreas and his team have been helping driving bookings for our 145 optometrist practices across Australia for the last 2+ years. I feel confident that Andreas will use his full knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing to further our online presence.
Jimmy Jakobsson
Jimmy JakobssonCEO & Co-Founder of Ingager
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Andreas was managing advanced digital marketing projects for our clients and enabled our clients to achieve the best results possible. Andreas understood the nuances of digital marketing and he was able to respond to the needs of each assignment and project. With the help of data analysis tools he ensured that the goals were met and our clients were happy.

Don't miss out!

My goal is to bring the best outcomes for my clients, that’s why I take on a limited amount of clients/work at a time. This way I can ensure that I am able to give the necessary attention and dedication to each project.


I am flexible and adaptable to the needs of the engagement. I do not have any long-term commitments, upfront payments or restrictive agreements that are common with agencies. I work off an hourly rate with 100% transparency of how I spend my time.

I’m 100% industry agnostic. I’ve worked with all types of industries and once you’ve worked with as many as I have you start to see patterns & similarities and a clear understanding of what works and where.

I primarily work with venture-backed startups and high-growth teams. Most likely Seed Round, Series A or B

I also work with small/medium businesses that have strong cash flow and require professional marketing to further improve.

My clients are based all over the world, anywhere from APAC, North America or Europe. 

I’ve also previously worked with clients based in Asia & South America.

No, you will work directly with me. 

With that said, If your company have an already existing marketing team/department I can definitely lead/manage/coordinate that team.

I have no minimum contract length and no minimum hours.

If I provide value, the results you want and you enjoy working with me – we will continue to work.

Compared to most agencies, I see no point of having a contract that binds us to our collaboration.

I have experience in all marketing platforms commonly used.

Anything from Facebook, Google Suite (Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick, Google Data Studio),  Snapchat, TikTok to Salesforce, Kenshoo, Asana, Tableau, Affiliate platforms, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Pardot, Shopify, Marketo, The Trade Desk, Ahrefs, Drupal, Jira, Confluence, Power BI, Zapier, ZOHO, PandaDoc, Hotjar, Spotify Ads, Twitter Ads, Apple Ads, WordPress, Slack, Notion, Bing ads, SEMRush, Screaming Frog…. and etc etc etc

If your platform/tool isn’t listed, please let me know!

Let me buy you a coffee and explain where I can add value. Worst case scenario, you’ll get a free coffee, and best case, I’ll be helping you out!