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MATE’s Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Mate Communicate


From Awareness to Conversion

MATE, a telecommunications company, aimed to expand its mobile and internet customer base through various digital channels while integrating paid and SEO strategies. The goal was to improve performance after experiencing substantial growth due to the shift towards remote work.


To achieve their objectives, MATE employed a comprehensive funnel approach, utilising Paid Search, Organic Search, Paid Social, Video, Audio, Native, and Programmatic Display. The specific strategies included:

SEO Targets:

  • Targeting specific keywords related to services such as nbn, ADSL, internet plans, wifi plans, mobile plans, and 5G.
  • Incorporating location-based keywords to capture audiences in various areas (e.g., nbn Sydney, best nbn plans Sydney, best internet provider Melbourne, nbn Brisbane, etc.).

Paid Targets:

  • Leveraging Paid Search to engage users who were already in the market for nbn or mobile plans and encouraging them to bundle services with MATE.
  • Utilizing Video, Programmatic Display, Native, and Spotify to reach diverse audiences and increase brand awareness.
  • Implementing Paid Social campaigns with lookalike and interest-based audience targeting for prospecting. Awareness campaigns utilized video-views to boost brand recognition, while remarketing campaigns focused on reengaging users interested in specific services. The emphasis was on acquiring customers who bundled both mobile and internet services with MATE.