Virtual Gaming Worlds

Achieving Exceptional Growth

Digital Marketing Strategies Drove Growth

As a consultant for VGW, I had the opportunity to manage an impressive marketing budget for their main brands, Chumba Casino and Global Poker. Spending over $4 million per month on digital marketing is not common, but it allowed for a significant impact on the North American market. Thanks to these efforts, VGW has seen tremendous growth in both its user base and company size, becoming one of the leading sweepstakes companies in North America. While I cannot take credit for all of the increase in revenue, it is clear that my advanced digital strategies played a significant role in driving growth. 

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Taking the Guesswork Out

As a key member of the marketing team at VGW, I had a strong focus on utilizing Facebook for advertising and promotion. In order to maximize results, I worked closely with the technical team at Facebook and held regular meetings with our key account manager, Karl McCarthy. To improve performance, I implemented various technical features such as creative and audience split tests, lift studies, and A/B tests. The goal of these tests was to eliminate any uncertainty in measurement. Given the significant impact that even a 1% difference in results could have on the number of new sign-ups, it was crucial to be meticulous in our optimization efforts. Some of the most successful tests we conducted were related to the creative elements we used in our campaigns.

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Total company revenue increase YoY in 2018

  • Chumba Casino 82.81%
  • Global Poker 177.52%
I can verify Andreas involvement with the VGW (Virtual Gaming World) account. VGW was one of the biggest accounts we worked within the digital gaming sector and Andreas was part of the team at VGW which utilised advanced tools, features and services within Facebook’s own propriety tech suite.
Carl McCarthy
Head of Gaming at Meta
Andreas was part of the marketing team at VGW working for our two main brands Chumba Casino and Global Poker where he was responsible for driving lower CPA (Cost of Acquiring a new Customer) using his in-depth knowledge in Facebook Advertising. The campaigns were successfully run across the North American market with significant budgets and generated better than expected results.
Mats Johnson
Director & CMO at VGW