Reaching Deloitte 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

From Facebook Ads to Full-Scale Strategy

I was initially engaged to run Manettas Facebook Ads, and drive sales via their online store. And due to the initial success, I was soon running their Google Ads & Search Engine Optimisations as well.

When working with Manettas Seafood Markets, one of the key elements to the success was the development of an effective retargeting system. As a consultant, it was crucial for me to understand the priorities of the target market and tailor the strategy accordingly. Given the focus on seafood products, it was important to highlight these in our retargeting efforts, drawing on the familiarity of the Manettas brand and its offerings.

Manettas wants to compete with large supermarkets like Coles & Woolworths and take some of their market share.

3 lobsters on cold ice presenting seafood

From Moderate Spend to High ROAS

The results starting from January 2020 until May 2020, going from a moderate spend of Around $3-400 per day with a low ROAS to spending almost $7,000 a day and with a ROAS exceeding $25:

The results are nothing short of incredible and since I managed to drive such a good result for Manettas Seafood Markets, they have been able to grow as a business as a direct result. This incredible uplift in results was acknowledged in Deloitte’s 50 Fastest growing Tech companies awardsManettas Seafood Markets managed to become the 7th Fastest Tech Company in Australia year 2020.


Award-Winning Growth:

  • As a brand 834% increase in revenue in 1 year.
  • Media spend from avg. $300 a day to $7,000 a day with ROAS $8+ consistently.
I have a diverse background in strategy, venture capital, private equity, building, scaling and exiting businesses. Extensive experience in advising and consulting to HNWI, Founders, High Growth and Scaling Businesses, Business Owners and Private Businesses. I have been working with Andreas for the last 2+ years and we have seen a rapid growth trajectory across our brands as a result of advanced digital marketing strategies and implementations.
Mark Esterhuizen
COO at ShoreTrade & Manettas Seafood