Mr Black

Successfully Scaling Mr Black’s Online Presence

Mr Black's Online DTC Presence Scales Up, Boosting Retail Sales and Brand Awareness

I was able to effectively expand Mr Black’s direct-to-consumer online business to multiple markets, while also significantly boosting brand awareness and driving sales in physical retail stores. My efforts resulted in a successful scaling of their online presence, which in turn contributed to the growth of their business overall. Through my strategies, Mr Black’s brand became more widely recognised, leading to an increase in demand for their products. 

Mr Black is a very performance driven company, they had clear targets in mind.

Sophisticated Approach to Paid Media

Initially, the paid media accounts for Mr Black Spirits were underperforming, with the Facebook Ads account relying heavily on dynamic creatives that were not visually appealing. To address this, I focused on developing a comprehensive strategy that incorporated various stages of the customer journey, including top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel triggers. This allowed us to guide potential customers through a personalized purchase journey that aligned with their unique buying patterns. By implementing this sophisticated approach, we were able to achieve much better results and improve the overall effectiveness of Mr Black Spirits’ paid media accounts.


As demonstrated by the following results:

YoY Paid Media Improvements:

  • 1,694% + Users to Website
  • 3,595% + Transactions
  • 2,825% + Revenue
  • 93.02% + Conversion Rate
"Andreas gets it. Lots say they do, but he does. Lots of people "in the room" when digital is being done, but few people in the room are actually doing the work. Andreas is one of those people."
Tom Baker
Founder of Mr Black Roasters and Distillers

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