Maintaining a $12 ROAS Whilst Improving Profitability

Reviving a Struggling Campaign

In the initial phases, the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was as low as $5. The campaign required a complete overhaul and the development of a new strategy to jumpstart growth and improve the ROAS.

Lowering CPA and Growing Business..

Through my initial audit and ongoing strategic input, I successfully maintained a consistent ROAS of $12. My approach involved extensive creative testing and the utilization of Facebook’s powerful targeting strategies to identify and reach the most suitable audiences. Furthermore, I focused on driving increased site traffic, conversions, and overall revenue by implementing sophisticated funnel nurturing tactics to guide top and middle-of-the-funnel users toward conversion.

To address the lower profit margins caused by multiple sales, I prioritised profitability in my approach. To achieve this, I developed a sophisticated document using Zapier & Shopify that accurately tracked ad spend while closely monitoring overall profit margins. This allowed for a focus on ads that generated both a higher ROAS and profit margin, resulting in improved profitability for Lunalae.


Over the course of 1 year:

  • From ROAS $5 to consistently hitting ROAS $12
  • Amount of purchases from online advertising increased 1,000%
  • This growth allowed us to start advertising in the US
Andreas has been great to work with. Super diligent and performed well. Keeping accountable to his tasks and a great manager.
Fion San
CEO of Australian Fashion Collective

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