Award Winning Growth

Ridly's Remarkable Journey

Ridly approached me seeking assistance to enhance their Google Ads account, which was in disarray, experiencing substantial wastage, and lacking confidence in its effectiveness. Ridly heavily relied on the performance of their Google Ads account, as it was the primary source of leads for their business.

I reorganised the ad account, leading to a significant reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA), which enabled an expansion of their advertising budget. With the lowered CPA, Ridly saw increased profits, allowing them to scale their ad spending profitably without constraint.

Ridly relies on their Google Ads performance, as it plays a crucial role in achieving success for their company.

Lowering CPA and Growing Business..

When I first took over the ad account, it was spending a very low amount with a very high CPA. After a year of restructuring and improvement, the account was spending 200% more and had reduced it’s CPA with 50%.

This improvement allowed Ridly to achieve greater success in their business. The increased ad spend allowed them to put more trucks on the road, hire additional staff, and expand their service area in Sydney. This, in turn, enabled them to reach a larger audience and grow their business. The reduced CPA allowed them to allocate more of their budget towards ad spend, further increasing their reach and impact.

The results speak for themselves – the restructuring and improvement of Ridly’s Google Ads account had a significant impact on their business. The increased ad spend and reduced CPA allowed Ridly to achieve their goals and grow their business in a sustainable manner.


Andreas has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the development and management of our Google & Facebook ads account. He conducted a comprehensive analysis of our industry, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of the market and thereby enabling him to create an advertising strategy that was tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our business. As a result of his expertise, our account has seen significant improvement, positioning it among the best in the market.
Arne Thate
Co-Founder at Ridly

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