Harris Scarfe

New Heights in Online Advertising

"We want $2,000,000 in Revenue per month for our online store"

That’s what the General Manager of Harris Scarfe told me.

At the time, Harris Scarfe was spending $6,000 on online advertising.

However, in order to meet their targets, both & Harris Scarfe and I had to go on a challenging journey. This involved not just a massive increase in their advertising spend, reaching around $300,000 (a 4,900% increase), but also a goal of achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of $8, equating to $2 million in revenue.

As you can imagine, this was a mammoth task itself, but to add extra pressure. It had to be done in 3 months. 


Harris Scarfe had extremely high targets.

New Heights in Online Advertising

Despite the odds, Harris Scarfe was up for the challenge. With 43 physical stores and a well-established brand name, they had a solid foundation to build upon. However, venturing into the world of online advertising at this size, was a new frontier for the company.

The following new channels were added to the mix: Bing Search Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Programmatic Display Ads, Finder Affiliate, Other Affiliates.

Ensuring a seamless launch with optimal results required extensive coordination. This included timely execution, proper setup, cross-platform creative alignment, and the achievement of desired outcomes – All at the same time!

  • Extremely sophisticated tracking had to be in place
  • Separated states due to different performance in each state (for all channels)
  • Heavy focus on hero products (top 20 products)
  • Managing the product feed with a third-party vendor and ensuring constant optimisation.
  • Created sophisticated dynamic product ads for Programmatic Display using Studio 360


Evident Success:

  • From a few thousand to $100,000 in Search Spend
  • $2,000,000 Revenue by 3rd Month
  • ROAS $8+
Andreas played an important role in managing the digital and performance marketing for Harris Scarfe, at a time when the business was taking great strides on its ecommerce journey. Andreas partnered with our own team to deliver specialist knowledge and advice which allowed us to rapidly develop, trial and modify a large number of initiatives.
Simon Burrett
General Manager Marketing at Harris Scarfe