Generating B2B Leads with a Strong ROI

Exceeding Expectations

Caltex StarCard campaign purpose was to drive as many B2B leads as possible to their business rewards solution.

By the end of the year the campaign had supplied 4,857 leads in total with an approximate $840,000 media spend across Google SearchBing AdsLinkedInFacebook AdsProgrammatic & Affiliate networks with a total CPA of $172.75. Below the total CPA target of $200.

There was also a ~100% increase in visits to the website YoY, 17% decrease in bounce rate & 34% increase in time on site. Indicating a higher quality of traffic comparing YoY.

caltex starcard app on a phone as a facebook creative

A Campaign that Delivered Leads, Engagement, and ROI

One of the key factors that contributed to the success of the campaign was my use of different marketing channels. By utilizing an omnichannel approach I was able to reach a wider audience and generate leads from different sources. Additionally, my use of advanced targeting and optimisation techniques such as creative and audience split tests, lift studies, and A/B tests allowed me to fine-tune the campaigns and improve results.


The following targets were met YoY:

  • 716% increase in spend
  • 330% increase in leads
  • 13.6% lower CPL than target