Racing Victoria

Setting the benchmark for future campaigns

Exceptional Results and Repeat Business

Racing Victoria is a public company that was established in 2001 to provide independent governance of the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry based in Melbourne, Australia.

For this new campaign, I needed to ensure that the maximum amount of people who saw the ads would click on them. This was achieved by implementing a very sophisticated & advanced strategy.

This campaign was an Internationally and nationally first, I had support from Racing Victoria’s affiliation with major sports companies and individuals.

The All-Star Mile campaign was such a success that Racing Victoria reached out to me personally, while working for another company, expressing their desire for me to oversee the All-Star Mile campaign for 2022 & 2023. I was honored to have been given this opportunity and I managed to deliver another successful campaign in 2022 & 2023.

Orchestrated from start to end

This campaign was truly a standout moment in my career. Utilising my team’s skillset and a cutting-edge digital strategy I came up with, we were able to achieve exceptional results.

As the project director, I personally oversaw every aspect of the campaign, from conception to execution, and guided my team to bring my vision to fruition.

The project targets were clear:

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how to win allstarmile
2nd step you place a vote
1st step you choose a horse all star mile
3st step if your horse wins so could you allstarmile


Cost per Vote $3.36

16% below target

97.7% Conversion Rate

Which is basically unheard of!

Total Votes 139,426

7% above target

46% of all votes from Paid Media

This became the future benchmark